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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Outfit pic: By Lindsay Keats - Dress from NYNE, crochet singlet from Dotti, shoes from Lipstick 
Interior Pic: Courtesy of
Hubby and I are currently renovating our 70s home and have just gone from living in an episode of That 70s Show to embracing calming neutrals.  Neutrals can sound a bit blah and sometimes they can be, but the best way to get around this is to think TTL or tone, texture layer.  This goes for clothing and for home.

This pic captures a simple living space, neutral colours and a tonal palette made interesting with materials that have texture - the woven chairs, rattan stools, bare weatherboard feature walls and pearlescent shell chandelier all give a space interest while still maintaining a calm, soft and sleek vibe.  
Check out Mere's matching style...

I personally love this look for Mere.  It's a bit different to her personal style but there's a softness and sophistication that I really love.  Most elements of this outfit are monochromatic (tone on tone) but there are a mixture of materials, lengths and fabrics to keep things interesting - chiffon slip, patent blush belt, crochet crop singlet, knit shrug, metallic necklace, suede booties. It sounds like a lot but the effect is a look with an 'easy breezy feel'.

How to layer Pic:

Layering doesn't have to seem complicated but it's a great way to make a lot of neutrals feel interesting.  I also found a really great article to help all the non-layerers out there - How to layer clothing

Lastly, and this is probably because I am wrapped up in a mink blanket with a cup of tea by my side (we are in the thick of Winter here) but I have a fascination with throws at the moment so what better time than now to mention that a textured throw across a white bed spread can make all the difference to create some interior layering.

I found these traditional throws online but you can buy something similar from Redcurrent

Traditional throws:

Interior pic:

Just like wearing your favourite sweater to bed!

Touch of floral

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Outfit pic: By Lindsay Keats - Dress from ASOS, Denim Jacket from Quicksilver, shoes from Lipstick
Interior pic: courtesy of Southern Charm
Tiny and delicate or big and bold, there are so many floral prints out there and so many ways to bring a touch of floral to your style. Floral prints have been a big fashion trend for 2012, with many designers and major retail brands creating virtually any piece of clothing and accessory in some floral form. So my feminine floral dress is pretty safe, and you may want to mix it up with more adventurous mediums such as a floral blazer, jeans or heels. And of course if you remember the 90s you'll know just how great denim and floral print go together – just like Salt-N-Pepa, like Guns N' Roses, like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and DJ Jazzy Jeff - denim and floral are a match made in 90s grunge heaven. Except back then I'd probably wear this same outfit with my steel capped Doc Marten boots as opposed to high-heeled wedges. 90s kids you know what I'm talking about!

Although floral is hot right now in fashion it can be quite timeless in your home decor.  I think floral chairs make fantastic features in any style of home, and they don't have to look grannyish.

Talking about grannies I inherited my grandmother's floral teacup set, which I adore and it actually gets used quite often now that high tea is in vogue. My set looks very similar to the below vintage variety, you can get these sorts of sets from most second hand stores or this particular one via Dad's Teacups on Etsy.

Vintage Royal Albert Teacup from Dad's Teacups

Love these vintage 90s floral blazers, you can buy them new but there's something cool about the old originals, they're usually better quality too. This one is from Oh My Frock
One last thing, floral doesn't have to be restricted to spring and summer, team your floral dress with a chunky sweater and you can rock the floral look all seasons - or for New Zealand summers which can be quite cold anyway.

Outfit pic: Dress from ASOS, Knit Jumper from Lee, shoes from Lipstick, Necklace from Karen Walker  and watch from Marc Jacobs

Leopard print and green

Friday, 20 July 2012

Outfit pic: By Lindsay Keats - top from ASOS, belt from Glassons, skirt from Max, shoes from Mollini, purse from Marc Jacobs
Interior pic: courtesy of This is Glamorous 
So I never really appreciated how well leopard print and green went together until Erena styled this outfit and suggested we put this green belt with my leopard peplum top. I had no idea 'leopard and green' was such a great combo. So I did a search to find a relevant interior image and turns out many other people have also made this discovery, and it really is a 'thing'. I highly recommend Love Maegan's Dynamic Duo post for more fantastic green and leopard print examples.

The original trendsetter - pic via Love Maegan

Dita Von Teese - Image courtesy of Independent Woman
Dita does the leopard and green combo with fantastic retro glamour and style. The tortoiseshell sunglasses also have that leopard quality with the black and brown tones and complements her outfit perfectly.

Even if you're not a leopard print fan, I think you can appreciate the beauty of this combo and make it work with your own personal style.

Chandeliers Literally...

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Antique Chandeliers are an interior design fave of mine and as I'm a big fan of eclectic living spaces I really love how such a grand light fitting can sit well in even the most unexpected settings.  Quite the contradiction and twice the design statement, don't you think?

Interior pic:

Never one to shy away from a costume design challenge  it was only a matter of time before I'd come up with the idea of dressing 'ode to chandelier'.  This was actually a costume I made for the Wellington Sevens (an annual rugby event).  Nonetheless heads were turned, eyes were blinded, and 'fake' diamonds shimmied.  

Outfit pic: Gaya, Ereana and Mereana - Chandelier costumes by Erena Te Paa
Interior pic: Chandelier image courtesy of Kennedy Home Design

This was an unexpected costume design that created mass appeal in the most unexpected environment and I have to admit it was a bit of fun feeling like a chandelier for a day. 

 The above may be a bit too Avant Garde for your average special occasion but who says you can't pair your most sparkly frock or pant with something more paired down to your next bash. 

I'm digging on Blake Lively's sequined skinnies paired with a plain black boyfriend shirt (above).  
I dare you to be different!  Erena x

Mad Men

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Outfit pic: By Lindsay Keats - Dress from ASOS, Shoes from Mollini
Interior pic: courtesy of Home to Decor

I work in an ad agency so I have a particular fascination and love for the TV show Mad Men. I also love the fashion silhouettes from this era, very feminine dresses in flattering shapes. The retro and sophisticated style from this show can positively influence your home decor and fashion style. We had fun taking this shot, a bit of silliness pretending to be a 60s housewife with an unplugged iron!

A few retro pieces will give you that great 60s vibe while still being modern and relevant. Try a retro 60s style chair, sofa, artwork, or lamp.

Betty, Joan and Peggy from Mad Men

Joan is my favorite female character in the show. She knows everything, is the go to problem solver in the office and always looks flawless.

Outfit pic: By Lindsay Keats - Dress from Karen Walker - Hi There range, Shoes from Mollini 
Interior pic: courtesy of Styled Haven

Another classic shaped dress from Karen Walker, I feel very girly and feminine whenever I wear this one. The little red belt accentuates the waist and adds some dimension to the outfit. I love the clock in this interior pic, that plus the wallpaper give this living room that retro quality, but still has a contemporary feel.

Outfit pic: By Lindsay Keats - Dress from Harriett Falvey from the Auckland City Designers Market, Shoes from friend
Interior pic: courtesy of 2interior-design

Last comparison pic, an uncommon but great colour combo - orange and turquoise. I bought this dress from the Auckland City Designers Market where you can get some totally unique and original fashion pieces. Check the retro cabinet in the background of the interior pic, you can buy these for relatively cheap on auction sites or from second hand stores. Another great idea is to buy old chairs and recover them with fresh new fabric. As I've said I'm not a great DIYer but if there was any project I'd really want to try it would be to recover a funky old chair like this one. After a bit of a search around I really like the simple to follow instructions from Just a Girl blogger on how to reupholster a chair.

Colour Blocking

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Outfit pic: By Lindsay Keats - Dress and bag from Glassons, Shoes from Nude 
Interior pic: courtesy of Design Interior Blog

I love how simple yet effective colour blocking is. It can create a fantastic visual impact that is bold, dynamic and fun for your outfits and home interiors. With the teal as the primary colour and adding complementary accessories in pink and yellow, it really makes the outfit pop. Was quite happy to find this similar interior colour block image with the vibrant teal walls and the pink touches.

So how do you choose the colours? This doesn’t simply mean that you put two or three bold colours together, they must be complementary. Here is a great guide from style prompt on how to technically figure out which colour combinations work best together.

As we’ve done with this outfit, you can also try colour blocking with homeware accessories such as cushions, vases or throws.

Colour block with accessories - image from getinmyhome

If you're into DIY, here is a fun colour blocking project for your home pot plants from Dellie.
DIY your own colour block terracotta pot plant

Or if you're like me and would rather just buy things 'ready made' check out these lovely 'dipped' bowls from Wind & Willows below.

Wind & Willow Home create beautiful 'dipped' products

Well very first blog post done! Hope you enjoyed it, we look forward to your feedback.

Thanks for reading!
Mereana & Erena

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