5 reasons why you should wear black

Monday, 18 March 2013

Interior pic - madeaboutthehouse.com Michael Kors 2013 - upscalehype.com

In 2012 I was adamant that I would steer away from black.  Why?  Well it's a bit of a kiwi stereotype and I wanted to challenge myself and my wardrobe!  Now that we are well and truly into the new year I feel differently.  Black is chic, it evokes so many emotions  including edginess and sexiness and for some reason this Winter I'm looking forward to heading over to the dark side.  So these are my Top 5 reasons (in no particular order) why black IS the colour you should be wearing this season.

5 - Black is powerful and masculine!

Kitchen image - freshome.com and Justin - styleforum.net

Whether you have your doubts about black in the home there really is no question that a hit of black makes a dramatic statement and there is a masculinity and strength to it.  It's a nice way to turn what would be a feminine space into somewhere your husband would feel even more comfortable being.  Oh yes and a black suit on a man is oh so suave!

4 - Black is slimming

It can't be denied, the right dress in  black can create the illusion of a svelte and slimmer figure.  Thats not to say that every black dress will do this.  Be careful not to confuse this with just colour alone.  Black cannot work miracles on its own it needs to also be teamed with great tailoring.  Get those two right and boom, style star!

3 - Black makes other colours look good!

If black is a place you never venture - perhaps because its 'not in your colour palette' or it evokes memories of a bad girl past, fear not.  Turn those misconceptions around and venture gently by pairing black with another colour, think silver, fuschia, royal blue and white and you'll have yourself a stylish contrast.

2 - All black gives you instant style cred!

Head to toe black is undeniably stylish.  There are times when I have felt undecidedly blah about what I am going to wear and have turned to all black (in various textures) to feel more 'put together' and thats what an all black ensemble can do.  The above example really does showcase the girl on the right - she just looks more put together in all black.

1 - Black is just so hip right now!

Okay so Olivia can do know wrong in my eyes but how chic and cool does she look above.  All black, lots of texture and a stone cold attitude!  The interior parallel to her above is a great play on the boho theme.  The quirky elements of chandeliers mixed with oak and mid century furniture takes the cool factor up about 20 notches, so cool and unexpected don't you think?

Yes, it could be said that I am digging on black at the moment but I'm excited to go to this dark place this Winter.  Even style maven Anna Dello Russo is 'jealous' (above).  Black is edgier and just so cool in my eyes and hopefully I've awakened you to it's many dark charms, if you needed more convincing that is.

Dreamy Bedrooms and Sleepwear

Sunday, 3 March 2013

When it comes to sleepwear I must admit that I often go for comfort over beauty. No-one really sees me apart from my husband, which may not be fair on him when all I like to wear is my old, baggy and faded flannel pajamas with my mismatching knitted bed socks.

It was our fifth wedding anniversary recently and I've booked us into a boutique hotel in Greytown - The White Swan for a romantic weekend away. They have these gorgeous themed rooms and we're booked into the Ruby room which is decorated with a Moulin Rouge theme. So this has inspired my search for attire fit for the occasion and I'll leave the flannel PJs at home.

Vintage Glamour 

Vintage Glamour - this gorgeous bedroom and elegant lingerie gown would make anyone feel posh. Who knew you could wear something similar to a ball gown to bed! A bit extravagant for bed, but why not.
Outfit image courtesy of Dollhouse Bettie

French Country

French Country bedroom and casual, classy pajamas.  I love the exposed brick, chandelier and the luxurious feel of this decor. Homely and beautiful. These pajamas combine sexy and comfort, seems like a better compromise from my saggy, sad flannel pajamas.
Interior image courtesy of  Ciao Newport Beach
Outfit image courtesy of Etsy

Moulin Rouge

Extreme opulent fabrics with brocade and velvet, rich red draping, four poster bed, this bedroom styling has the works! Imagine you're in Paris and don this pretty red slip from Bendon.
Interior image courtesy of Zillow Blog
Outfit image courtesy of Bendon

Animal in the bedroom

Something more fun and crazy, go for an out of Africa bedroom with animal print accessories, cushions and throws. This fun zebra onsie will keep you warm and entertain your friends, family and housemates.
Interior image courtesy of Zillow Blog
Outfit image courtesy of Peter Alexander


Believe it or not this cute slip is actually sleepwear! From Bendon it is called the Couture Zephyr & Flore Chemise and has a luxurious oriental garden print that you could almost wear to a garden party. I also like the simplistic zen like feeling of the oriental style bedroom.
Interior image courtesy of Deviantart
Outfit image courtesy of Bendon

They say we spend nearly half our lives in bed, so there is your incentive to make your sleeping space a dreamy haven. And there is no harm in looking good while you sleep either, you will feel good and I'm sure if you're sharing your sleeping space with anyone else they'll also appreciate it.

Sweet dreams...

Image courtesy of The Design Fairy

Image courtesy of dogster.com

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